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We seek to help people from Penzance and the West Cornwall area

If you need our help or know somebody who does, please complete a referral form and someone will be in touch to discuss your situation.

Please note that we are a small voluntary organisation that receives a lot of requests for help. We aim to help those most in need with our limited funds and do apologise in advance if we are unable to help you. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be successful due to the priority of need and the resources available at the time of the application. Please consider all other avenues while you wait to hear back from us.

Please be patient while we respond, we aim to treat each person as an individual and take the time to ensure that each referral gets the time and attention they need. This will of course apply to you when the time comes for yours to be reviewed.

In order to help us prioritse from the high demand, we would ask you to complete all sections of the form below as fully as you can. By providing this information upfront you will give us a clearer idea of your circumstances and save our volunteers time. This enables us to help more people. Once we have received your request, you will receive a confirmation email of what to expect.

Thank you.

Please note that The Hope Project has very limited resources. We will prioritise all referrals on the level of need and aim to complete at least one referral per month. Please ensure you explore all other available options in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Please use this button if you would like to complete an online referral.

If you have a more general query then please feel free to contact the office or email  

The Hope Project
The Shekinah Centre
Tarover Road
TR18 2AA

01736 369616